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As the weather continues to heat up, more measures must be taken in order to keep cool while we are required to be outdoors. With an Evaporative Cooling Sport Vest from HyperKewl all it takes is 1-2 minutes of soaking in water to provide temperatures up to 15°-20° cooler than the ambient temperature for several hours. Upon submerging the vest in water, the HyperKewl fabric used will absorb, store and then release water within the vest through evaporation to cool us down. After removing the vest from soaking, excess water should be gently squeezed out and wiped away before wearing. This process can be repeated as often as needed throughout the course of the day to stay cool. The Evaporative Cooling Sport Vest has a wide range of applications such as hiking, working outdoors, sitting in the stands at a ball game or to simply escape the day's heat. The vest has a front zippered closure and a V-neck collar.
6529 - Hyperkewl Cooling Vest Hi Viz

  • 60% HyperKewl,40%Nylon
  • Uses Hyperkewl Fabric to cool for 5-10 hours
  • Comfortable V-neck Style with full zipper
  • Will not bulge or change in fit or appearance
  • No slimy residue or swelling gel or crunchy chemicals
  • SIZES -XL, 2XL