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 Powers Fasteners Powder Actuated Gun w/Accessories

The PA3500 is a modified version of the P3500 that includes a power adjuster, allowing the operator to effectively decrease the power level of the load being used by up to two (2) levels. Ex. A red load can be adjusted down to the level of a green load.


    Conduit Clip to Concrete
    Wood to Concrete
    Wood to Steel
    Electrical Fixture to Concrete
    Electrical Fixture to Steel
    Concrete Forming
    Commercial / Residential Construction
Powers Fasteners - PA3500

-Safety Glasses
-Disposable Ear Plugs
-Allen Wrenches,Wire Brushes, Tool Lubricant
-Spall Guard, Spare Parts/font>
-Pin Starter Kit: † .300 Headed Pins [(50) 1/2", (50) 3/4"; (15) 3" with 7/8" washer