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BluePoint Fasteners .27 Cal Safety Strip Loads (Red)

Loads are match tolerance to provide optimum power within recognized national velocity standards. Powder Guide Power level is designated by the load level number marked on each box, also by the color of the box and each powder load. As the number increases, the power level increases.
Bluepoint Fasteners - BP27RED
Quantity - 10 strips of 10 shots
Color - Red
Power level - #5 out of 6

Compatible Tools: PDP-27, PTP-27AL, PTP-27ALMAGR, PTP-27AS, PTP-27ASMAGR, PTM-27, PTM-27HD, PT-27, DX-350, DX-351, DX-36, DX-A40 (except P27SL2), DX-A41 (except P27SL2 and P27SL3), DX-460, dx-450, dx-451, System 1H, P-36B, A-40B, A-41B, Cobra, and most .27 caliber clone tools.