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3M Wire Marking Books
Use the SPB book markers to mark electrical wires and
terminal strips, maximum wire dia. of 0.47 inches (11,9
mm). Individual character markers are perferated in the
center to reduce thickness on smaller gauge wires and
include a single character marker for the terminal strip.
Also use SPB book markers to mark load centers and
alarm systems.
3M - SPB-01 - 
Wire Marking Book
-45 ea 0–9; 15 ea L1,L2,L3,T1,T2,T3

Material- Vinyl impregnated cloth
film with natural rubber
Application Temperature- 40°F to 100°F
Operating Temperature- 32°F to 150°F
Storage Temperature- 70°F (21°C)
(Relative Humidity) ( 50% )
Tape Thickness- 10.0 mils (0,25mm)